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RAFRE CR-A  Aluminium / PVC manual corner milling machine

Machine for the grooving of any kind of aluminium carpentry, heads machining, hinges and lock housing, shutters, etc.

Vertical and horizontal tightening clamps with pneumatic cylinders.
The vertical one can be adjusted in height and longitude. Milling cutter course by pneumatic cylinders and with adjustable advance. Refrigeration by spraying by means of an adjustable nozzle. Clamp turning 45º to the right and to the left for angle millings. Quick change of the milling cutters set. Adjustable stop for different measures.
Engine displacement by height adjusting spindle

  • Blade saw  300 mm diam

  • 2,75 HP Motor

  • 3000 rpm

  • 27 mm motor shaft axis diameter

  • 32 mm interior milling blade

  • 140 mm maximum drilling tool diameter

  • 275 mm course movement

  • 1x manual clamping

  • Adjustable backfence to increase milling capacity

  • Automatic Lubrification




  • 630 X 515  (150 Kg)

  • Wooden crate

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