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YCM-170  Portable bandsaw machine

  • Portable cutting machine with speed variator

  • Cutting angle from 0º to 60º.

  • Single phase motor with speed adjustment and amperage limiter to avoid motor damages.

  • Tempered steel base for a stronger stability




  • 1100x550x600 mm (35 Kg)

  • Embalaje estandar cartón

2035 x 20 x 0,9

Belt dimensions  2035x20x0,9 mm

Motor   2.2 Hp

Working height   985 mm

Sound level 62 db



     Round cutting Capacity                          90º       150 mm

     Cutting capacity rectangular                 90º       160x150 mm

    Cutting capacity square                          90º     150x150 mm

     Round Cutting capacity                          45º       right  100 mm

     Cutting capacity rectangular                 45º        right105x125 mm

     Cutting capacity square                         45º        right100x100 mm

    Round cutting capacity                           60º       right70 mm

    Cutting capacity rectangular                  60º       right70x100 mm

    Cutting capacity square                          60º       right70x70 mm

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