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TAS-75 Beveling Polisher


The TAS model belt polishers are efficient quality machines built in accordance with the strictest requirements regarding the environment and safety.



The standard model is equipped with folding plane, eye protection, angle stop and engine safety switch with zero voltage trigger. The ideal machines for roughing and polishing optimal in all types of metals.



You can attach a chip extractor with its corresponding bag.



1120x510 mm (85 Kg)

Standard packaging

Motor - 4.00 Hp

Rear pulley - 225x75 mm

Sanding plane - 570x75 mm

Band - 2000x75 mm

Band speed - 34 m / sec

Working height  - VARIABLE-475-1240

Dimensions - 1120x510 mm

Weight - 85 kg

Engine speed - 3000 rpm

Front pulley - 200x75 mm

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