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QC11Y 12X6000



- Steel structure to give rigidity and stability, consolidated with special treatment against vibrations and temperature changes.
- Hydraulic transmission system.
- Motorized rear stop with fine adjustment and digital display.
- The separation between the blades is adjusted with a manual handwheel that ensures a fast, precise adjustment according to your needs.
- Blade with 4 cuts.
- Angle of adjustable cuts to avoid deforming the sheet.
- The support of the upper blade has an internal tilting structure to facilitate the insertion of the sheet and allow a precise cut of the piece.
- Cutting line with light.
- Control panel with motorized rear stop control with automatic positioner of 99 programs and 20 cycles in each one.
- Counter with cuts.
- Swan neck.
- 3 squaring arms 2 millimeters with stop.
- Security rear photocell.
- Emergency stop, with Stop at the front of the machine.
- Electronic remote pedal, with collector connection to the electronic cabinet.
- Hydraulic oil included.
- Table with balls.






6950x2350x3050 mm (29000 Kg)

Palet iron packaging

Cutting capacity  - 12 mm

Cutting length  - 6000 mm

Blows per minute  - 4-12

Rear stop length  - 750 mm

Adjustable angle  - 0.5º - 2.5º

100 mm gooseneck

Motor  - 40.0 Hp


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