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MG-3300 /4

Machining center with moving column and vertical spindle with 4 axis controlled by CNC including rotation of the clamp base which allows any angle ranging from -90 ° to + 90 ° in automatic working cycle.

-Motor HITECO of 5,5KW standard

-Quick change hand tool cone ISO30 pneumatically controlled;

-Automatic tool change with station for 4 tools (optionally 8 tools)

-4 pneumatic standard vices with manual positioning ( -Automatic positioning and more vices as option)

-Possibility to work aluminum, PVC, steel up to 4 mm and -stainless steel up to 3 mm with a specific accessory.




Axis movement and clamps rails with recirculating ballscrew and servodrive

Motion rotated clamp base by rail and wheels

Numerically controlled axes with 4 brushless motors

Transmission axis with tilted teeth rack and pinion

Start cycle with two-handed safety device

4 horizontal pneumatic clamps with low pressure device

Mist lubrification (emulsified oil)

Tool magazine cones ISO30

Vice jaws PVC adjustable using keys

Spindle motor driven by inverter

Swiveling console

USB 2.0 port on the control panel and ethernet RJ45 socket

Preinstalled barcode reader connection

NC - Industrial PC with Intel microprocessor

LCD display - TFT (800 x 600) color 10.4 "- touch screen

Operating system Windows XP Embedded RT

Software- 3D dimensional

Indication vice positioning software with reference line of metric


Power supply (treephase + neutral)   380/400 v 50/60hZ

Spindle drive phase    5,5kW

Spindle speed adjustable   2000-20000 RPM

Axis stroke X-Y-Z   3300  - 250  - 200 mm

Speed positioning axis X- Y-Z   65 - 25  -25 m/min

Tilt axis adjustable clamp base     -90º   ...  +90º

Time rotation axis from 0 ... 90 °      2 seconds

Tolerance positioning axes   +/- 0,1mm

Capacity vice (bxh)   16x120 mm

Diameter cutter  10mm

Maximum diameter blade   140mm

Weight   1850 Kg


Fuente de alimentación (fase de árbol + neutro) 380/400 v 50 / 60hZ

Fase de accionamiento del husillo 5,5kW

Velocidad del husillo ajustable 2000-20000 RPM

Carrera del eje X-Y-Z 3300-250-200 mm

Eje de posicionamiento de velocidad X- Y-Z 65-25-25 m / min

Base abrazadera ajustable eje basculante -90º ... + 90º

Eje de rotación de tiempo de 0 ... 90 ° 2 segundos

Tolerancia ejes de posicionamiento +/- 0,1mm

Tornillo de banco de capacidad (bxh) 16x120 mm

Fresa de diámetro 10 mm

Hoja de diámetro máximo 140 mm

Peso 1850 kilogramos

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