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K-370-AA CNC

K-370-AA CNC Automatic Bandsaw

Band saw specially designed to cut tubes, profiles and sections of all types of ferrous materials and light alloys, with automatic bar feeding and automatic or manual cutting execution.


- Hydraulic oil and bimetal blade included.
- Solid and robust construction with oversized frame.
- Arc movement by hydraulic unit with skip-stop valve with advance regulator at control panel
- Advance feeder with hydraulic unit and ball screw with built-in advance regulator.
- Guided belt with bearings and hard metal plates.
- Hydraulic tightening of the jaws.
- 2 Cutting speeds 40-80 mt / m. .
- Automatic elevation of the arch at the end of the cut with adjustable limit switch.
- Working height 820 mm.
- Emergency stop.
- CE safety regulations.


    Motorized stops for heavy loads-
    Input feeding roller conveyor for heavy loads


    2100X1910X1450 mm (780 Kg)
    Standard packing

3150 x 27x 0,9

Dimensions of the belt  3150x27x0,9 mm

Motor   1.5 / 1.9 HP

Cutting Speeds   40  - 80  mt/min

Working height   820 mm

Cutting oil pump   0,16 HP

Noise Level 70 dB

feeder tracking force 1000 Kg

Servodrive + ballscrew feeder length 700 mm


Round cutting capacity             90º   260 mm

Rectangular cutting capacity   90º   370X200 mm

Square cutting capacity           90º   220X220 mm

Round cutting capacity             45º   right 250 mm

Rectangular cutting capacity   45º   right 250x200 mm

Square cutting capacity            45º   right 200x200 mm

Round cutting capacity             60º   right 150 mm

Rectangular cutting capacity   60º   right 150 x130 mm 

Square cutting capacity            60º   right 130x130 mm

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