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K-300/-SA  Sierra de cinta Semiautomática

  • Robust belt-saw to cut iron and steel with a base of welded plates and aluminium saw arm.
    This machine can work in a manual mode or SA with an air-oil system that controls the bow, band stop and opening and closing of the clamping device.


  • - CE Norms Appliance

  • - Cooling system

  • - 2 Cutting Speeds

  • - Manual tensioning band with manometer and sensor that control the sense of the band and band breaking.

  • - Band guiding by means of carbide plates and Bearings

  • - Clamping device max. Openning : 310mm

  • - Cutting angle to 60º




  • 1400x750x1450 mm (340 Kg)

  • Wooden crate

2750 x 27 x 0,9

Belt dimensions  2750x27x0,9 mm

Motor   0.5/1.2 HP

Cuttingspeeds   35/70 mt/min

Working height   990 mm

Coolant pump   0,09 HP

 70 db



Round cutting capacity                  90º   240 mm

Rectangular cutting capacity        90º   300X230 mm

Square cutting capacity                 90º   220X220 mm

Round cutting capacity                  45º   right  200 mm

Rectangular cutting capacity        45º   right 220x190 mm

Square cutting capacity                45º   right 190X190 mm

Round cutting capacity                  60º   right 110 mm

Rectangular cutting capacity        60º   right  110x140 mm

Square cutting capacity                 60º   right  100X100 mm

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