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HU-440/600 AA CNC
5200 x 34 x 1,1

HU-440/600 AA CNC fully automatic bandsaw machine

Automatic bandsaw machine for the cutting of Steel, iron and metal alloys. The bandsaw works with a servodriven and ballscrew 820 mm feeder, programmable from the industrial touch screen panel.

The machine is made in Spain according to CE directives 2006/42/CE


  • Strong 820mm feederby ballscrew and servodrive controller whihc acepts multiple strokes and is able to feed any lenght

  • Mist lubrification as standard in the machine.miniumum oil consumtion

  • Safety items. Emergency stop controlled by safety module.

  • safety switch installed at the blade cover

  • Blade breaking and low tensioning detector

  • Cutting list programming with 10 programs and 30 lines inside each program

  • OMRON 5,6" touch screen panel





Blade Dimensions   5200x34x1.1 mm

Motor   4 HP

Cutting speeds   26  - 86  mt / min

Working height   760 mm

Coolant pump   0.75 HP

Acoustics 70 dB

Feeder pulling force 1000 Kg

Screw feeder + servo drive 820 mm

Round cutting capacity        90º   445 mm

Rectangular cutting capacity  90º   600X445 mm

Square cutting capacity      90º   445X445 mm

Round cutting capacity        45º   right 430 mm

Rectangular cutting capacity  45º   right 460x360 mm

Square cutting capacity       45º   right 400x400 mm

Round cutting capacity        60º   right 310 mm

Rectangular cutting capacity  60º   right 310X420 mm

Square cutting capacity     60º  right 310 mm

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