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HU-340/500 AA CNC
4380 x 34 x 1,1

HU-340/500 AA CNC Automatic Band Saw

Automatic band saw for cutting iron, steel and metal alloys with bar feeder for automatic cutting, manufactured in Spain in accordance with directive 2006/42/CE




  • Bar feeder. Bar feeder on iron structure with 820 mm stroke with multiple advances for lengths greater than 820 mm.

  • Cutting cooling. Micro-spray saw cooling system with minimal oil consumption and zero waste generation.

  • Security elements. Emergency stop controlled by security module. Limit switch with interlock for detection of open saw guard. Detection of tape breakage and lack of tension. All the dangerous areas of the feeder are protected by means of fixed protection devices.

  • Cutting list programming. Cutting list programming via OMRON 5.6" touch screen. Management of 10 programs of 30 lines each.

  • Cut degrees. Digital display of cutting degrees with fast positioning at 0-15-30-45 and 60º.

  • Cut check. Cutting speed regulation by electronic speed variator between 26-86 m/min. Hydraulic arch lowering system with advance and cutting force regulation from the control panel. Material height sensing for changing fast approach lowering speed and cutting lowering speed.


  • Motorized stops for heavy loads -

  • Tickets for heavy loads



  • 2400x2500x1300mm (1550kg)

  • standard packaging

made in spain 3.png

Blade dimensions   4380x34x1.1mm

Motor   4HP

cutting speeds   26  - 86  ft/min

Working height   800mm

coolant pump   0.12HP

Acoustic 70dB

Feeder drag capacity 1000 Kg

Ballscrew feeder + servo drive 820 mm

Round cutting capacity           90º   340mm

rectangular cutting capacity  90º   500X340mm

Square cutting capacity          90º   340X340mm

Round cutting capacity           45º   right 340mm

rectangular cutting capacity  45º   right 360x200mm

Square cutting capacity          45º   right 315x315mm

Round cutting capacity            60º   right

rectangular cutting capacity   60º   right

Square cutting capacity           60º  right

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