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These lathes are especially suitable for repair shops or for the production of shafts, tubes and other round pieces of medium or small size. They can also be used to make both Metric and Whitworh threads. Robust construction, easy to use and reliable, they are very efficient and almost silent. Both the base and the sprockets are hardened.


- 3-claw universal plate, Ø 160 mm.
- 4-claw plate, Ø 200 mm.
- Trawler plate.
- Back and plate protector (chips / splashes).
- Fixed and mobile window.
- 2 points morse cone number 2 and 3.
- Toolbox
- Built-in brake.
- Halogen light.
- Refrigeration equipment
- Dimension viewer.
- CE Standard.





2000x800x1300 mm (495 Kg)

Standard packaging

Distance between points            1000 mm

Cone                                              morse 3

Motor                                            2.75 Hp motor

Diameter on base / neck            330/476 mm

Diameter of carriage                   198 mm

Width of the bench                      190 mm

Diameter hole main spindle       35 mm

Nose spindle                                CAMLOCK DIN-A4

Speed ​​                                           70-2000 rpm

Longitudinal advances                0.02-2.7 mm

Transversal advances                 0.01-1.35 mm

Metric steps                                  0.4-32 mm

Whitworth steps                           0.56-4h \ '\'

Modular steps                               0.2-3.5

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