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JBS mechanical power shear with guide
motorized measurement

The new JBS cutters have focused on the design of
year, quality, functionality and ergonomics.
Design: New rounded shape with smoothed corners - timeless and modern

Functionality: Patented RTO function that automatically sends
parts less than 390 mm in length forward to the operator.
Ergonomics: The cut piece falls into a tray that
is positioned correctly with respect to the ergonomics of the
operator and allows you to keep gloves on
to remove the cut piece without having to bend down
to the ground every time.
Service: New blade distance adjustment
simpler from the front of the cutter when changing
the blades.

  • Return to operator function

• Cut counter
• Fully motorized measuring guide
adjustable from the front
• Illumination of the mirror of the cutting line with
led light
• 600 mm table extensions (2 pcs.)
• Framing arm
• Security system with rear light
• Double eccentric drive on the rod
• Self-lubricating guides
• Small blade angle and chip-free cutting
• Fixing of rubber coated sheet
• Single or multiple cut option for greater
• Mobile foot pedal with emergency stop

                           JBS1250 /        3 1250/           4 2000/3

Thickness          3.00mm /          4mm            / 3mm

Cutting length   1275mm /      1275mm       / 2025mm

Angle                     2.15º     /         2.15º          / 1.38º

Motor                       3 KW   /         4KW          / 4KW


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