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C-500-AH  Aluminium / PVC copy router milling machine

Single headstock milling machines (Pantograph). For milling in aluminium and iron shaping with 1,5mm thickness.


Semiautomatic machine to make lock housings, hinges, cylinders, etc. in aluminium or PVC.
With electronic variator for iron milling.
The milling is by means of cutting templates (with two tracers) or of transversal, longitudinal and vertical stops.
Automatic refrigeration by spraying.
The headstock has a stopping device to choose the height for the milling.
With electronic inverter for iron milling.

  • Table dimensions             500X280 mm

  • Longitudinal course         260 mm

  • TRansversal course        140 mm

  • Vertical movement          150 mm

  • Motor                                 1.00 Hp

  • Cutting speed                   9000 rpm

  • Milling tool shaft diam.   10 mm


  • Milling up to 3 mm steel




  • 1004 x 680 x 1930 (150 Kg)

  • wooden crate

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