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BMSY-650-C  Semiautomatic Bandsaw machine

Large capacity bandsaw machine


- Arch guiding by two columns of treated and milled steel.
- Solid and strong construction with overdimensioned frame.
- Arch movement operated by hydraulic cylinder.
- Progressive hydraulic advance.
- Belt guiding with bearings and hard metal plates.
- Cleaning brush for metal shaving on the belt.
- Hydraulic clamp tightening.
- Belt speed with electronic variator without stepping 20 to 100m/min.
- Automatic arch elevation after the cutting with adjustable end stop.
- Models “G” turning desk for cuttings at 45º (with this you don’t move the material while cutting)
- 1m. material entrance desk, with rollers.
- Emergency stop.
- CE security rules.
- Hydraulic oil and bimetallic belt included.



  • Heavy load roller conveyors

  • Heavy load positioning systems



  • 3400X2050X1000 mm (2025 Kg)

6000 x 41 x 1,3

Belt dimensions   6000x41x1,3 mm

Motor   5 HP

Cutting speeds   20  - 100 mt/min

Working height   590 mm

Coolant pump   0,16 Hp

Sound level 70 db



Round cutting capacity                  90º   560 mm

Rectangular cutting capacity        90º   750X560 mm

Square cutting capacity                 90º   560X560 mm

Round cutting capacity                  45º   right  410 mm

Rectangular cutting capacity        45º   right  410x560 mm

Square cutting capacity                 45º   right  410X410 mm

Round cutting capacity                  60º   right 

Rectangular cutting capacity        60º   right

Square cutting capacity                 60º   right  

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