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S-650-M Mechanical Shear


The shear for cutting sheets HM, type S 650 is a stable precision machine operated by hand, suitable for cutting metal, printed circuit boards, synthetic materials, etc.
The S 650 / M type has the same construction as the S 650 type. The difference is that the S 650 / M is driven by an electric motor and is designed for series production.
The two machines have as standard equipment an adjustable angle stop with a scale of degrees, adjustable angle metal stop with scale in mm. as well as sheet metal fastener. The S 650 / M is also provided with a lighting of the cutting line, which can be supplied as accessory equipment for the S 650 machine.







885x940x505 mm (105 Kg)

Standard packaging

Thickness 1.25 mm

Cutting length 650 mm

2nd angle

Blows per minute 60 rpm

Stop 0-450 mm

Height of the table 325 mm

Motor 1 Hp


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